W-w-w-why do you want to see Lakyus?!". I can treat you as a guest of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, but what would you prefer?”, “Thank... thank you, m’lord. ", "Hahaha! The fact was that her good-spirited conversation with the merchants had led to various negotiations going in their favor. She heard the surprised voice of the man underneath the jet-black helm, followed by a mumbled "What a weird name". Suddenly their master’s mood calmed down, as though something had snapped inside him. According to those who have contacted it, the fire does not have heat, or impede movement. Ahh, I'm sorry. I wasn’t paying attention at all… eh? came a doubtful voice, "Not a shield? Albedo immediately recalled who Tsuare was when Ainz mentioned her. Thank you. She was too beautiful. We have already used [Message] to inform them of the situation, but returning will still them take half a day. There seemed to be a look of expectation in those eyes. Both of them turned to look at Ainz, who was staring at them, and their faces blanched in unison. The two of them instantly became the center of everyone's attention. Raeven shifted his gaze from the prince when he quieted himself, and then he voiced his own objections. Thanks for the chapter mate, always a pleasure reading your translations. 6 (manga) book. Therefore, he was striving to be as contrary as possible to Sebas’ wishes while they decided the disposition of Tsuare. If Jaldabaoth was right, not only were they still in danger, but they would also be deprived of a great amount of fighting strength. "Ainz turned from Evileye and continued speaking [to] the adventurers who had come to see him. I doubt Nazarick will require steamed potatoes or the like.”, “I am compelled to point out the shallowness of Demiurge’s thinking. A once popular online game, YGGDRASIL, is set to shut down. In whose name had Ainz sworn to protect Tsuare? I used that name to guarantee her my protection! Sebas was anxious and doubtful, but he was still halfway through another punch when he heard Ainz’s order. Those damn kidnappers seem to have angered me. Crossing blows with a genius warrior like yourself might have been a mistake on my part.". You. Does that mean all we have to do is defeat Jaldabaoth?". XDEvileye : (glance,glance,wink,wink) Wow Momon-sama is so cool, so hot, wow wow wow.Ainz : "Hu... that Evileye hadn't let her guard down for a single moment. A sense of security and relief filled her to the depths of her heart. In the moment that she moved, they began a duel of wits, each seeking the secrets of the other. She turned to regard the room once more. That was maturity. He had not lied to Narberal. Show me your conclusion.”. The fact was that his master wished to verify Sebas’ intentions. Or rather, once you kill the weak, you cannot use them any longer. The fourth man to interrupt had an orichalcum plate on his neck. Probably literally too.Players is a known term in this world though, from the way Evileye was speaking, only the Six Gods from the theocracy have been confirmed players. The reason was because they wanted to suppress the group known as the Eight Fingers, and they hoped Momon would fight alongside them, against the strongest members of the enemy, the Six Arms. She had to handle troop assignations within Nazarick and station sentries to man the early warning perimeter. All the sentries stationed here will return to Nazarick. Evileye tilted her head at the surreal sight before her. Forming the adventurers up into a line was a feint intended to thin out the enemy. "Normally, the Adventurer's Guild would never interfere in national affairs.". What do you know, he's gone. That being the case, we should hunt the Dragons—”, “...We can raise drop rates with a cash item. ", "In light of that, I suggest tossing that oversized mosquito aside. It was a detailed map of the Royal Capital. Then, let us make haste, as Momon-sama suggests. If it had not been for Shalltear's brainwashing, it was possible that he would have ignored the potential gains to Nazarick and killed Evileye. Actually, since he accepted the request, he already use warrior transformation.if he didn't use it since the start, he would be very hard to held demiurge's attack. If they gorge themselves on the guards staked out as bait for them, their bloodlust will be dulled, no?" Though it is not exactly to my tastes, permit me the use of this method. Ainz stroked the leather cover, which was discolored from age, and then returned it to his pocket dimension. “...I do not feel that this place is hell. He felt the eyes of the entire room focusing on him. If only Ainz could see her without the mask...I don't like how she nearly killed Etoma though,Etoma did nothing wrong but eat a criminal arm, Indeed, she will be very useful for ainz, especially she have relation with PDL.For entoma, blame Gagaran, even Evileye questioning her action. He did not consider the possibility of there being a trap in place. It had turned harsh. Ainz looked away from the magic caster's conflicted expression and turned to Narberal. You'll see some changes here and there. Whether it came to inducing the fires of lust in others, or satisfying said lust, it would have been very difficult for her. Even so, Evileye would be going into a battle in which she might perish. "...Hime-san, Climb is just one man, and there might be some risk. I am Evileye of Blue Rose, and I appeal to you as a fellow adamantite-ranked adventurer! “Forgive your servant’s rudeness in your presence, Ainz-sama!”, “Your servant deeply regrets forcing you to witness his foolish behavior!”. While Narberal was talking to Demiurge, it would be up to him to draw her attention. His words were neutral, but the anger behind them was unmistakable. “I know another person who could become an arrow for this formation. "That... would be inconvenient. P.S. Overlord Vol.13 Chapter 55.2 Read Overlord Vol.13 Chapter 55.2 Manga Scans Page 1 Free and No Registration required for Overlord Vol.13 Chapter 55.2 Sebas was hard-pressed to hide his surprise that Ainz — the highest authority in all Nazarick — could not instantly resolve the matter of Tsuare’s disposal. ", "It would be very difficult to listen in on us from so far away.". This time he had spent in indecision was enough to earn the palpable ire of Cocytus, Demiurge and Solution, people whose loyalty to the Supreme One was beyond reproach. The other party also knew that Momon was being called away, so they wrapped things up in two or three sentences. Something to that effect. It went without saying that they were Ainz and Narberal. "Ah, I see. “Of course Momon-sa—n is stronger than him.” Narberal stated in a voice brimming with confidence. Perhaps Narberal was too honest, or the words he spoke had been unexpectedly meaningful. In that event, Lakyus will use a resurrection spell on him. When her guess was proven accurate, the furious little sister left her village, because nobody was willing to help her. Evileye’s words had a razor-sharp edge to them. Adamantite-ranked adventurers were the pinnacle of humanity, living legends. "A mighty item capable of summoning us to this plane and commanding us has found its way to this city. For a moment, Sebas stared dumbly at that overacted exit (which he had never seen before) but then he suddenly came to his senses. The resentment in her chest vanished the moment she heard Jaldabaoth's name; she knew they had to be on guard against him. This time, if the maid shows herself, I will kill her. Would it be possible for me to wait here with you?”, "Wha! Feeling thirsty, the woman stirred lazily from her slumber. They used accelerated flight spells in combination with the [Floating Board] spell, and together they took Ainz and Nabe with them to the capital at great speeds. I call you back whenever there are problems, and you must manage the breeding ranch to maintain the supply of parchment, and then there are the preparations for creating the Demon King… I fear you are displeased with the many weighty tasks you have been given.”. Tsuare, are you there? Not knowing what he had done to please her so, Ainz allowed himself to be dragged by Evileye towards the princess. The adventurers had made their introductions in order of rank, from highest to lowest. However, it was a small risk. What else could he do, now that things had come to this? "Well, if my companion says so, then there must be some truth to the observations of both sides. As these thoughts ran through his head, Ainz saw the capital for the first time from the sky at night. His heart had long since descended into the abyss. Given the way Evileye was looking at Momon like a lovestruck schoolgirl, if he felt embarrassed and said so, that meant she still had a chance. I permit this! It is time to discuss how to deal with that human girl.”, Sebas’ body went stiff from nervousness. They did not recall Ainz ever laughing with such mirth. Will they be going in with Momon-san? That was never my intention—", “Momon-sama is the strongest warrior in existence. They could have left without a word, but they had built their identities as traders and it would be a shame to simply discard it like that, so they decided to put on a show and pretend they were returning to the Empire. However, Momonga, Guild Leader of Ainz Ooal Gown decides to stay and not log out while his friend Herohero has to log out and bids farewell to him. The absence of Gagaran the warrior and Tia the rogue had already been noticed by the adventurers present. They may not know the facts, but I will. At this, the lower-ranked adventurers breathed sighs of relief. So what will you do after this? Besides, you made that suggestion because you were worried about me. “I am deeply grateful that you would be so concerned for your humble servant. It was almost impossible to settle things with fancy words and high-sounding ideals in this world. "We overheard the details in the secret room...". And at the back was the strongest warrior of the Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff. When one thought about it, both of them seemed very suspicious. They serve as immeasurable encouragement to your humble servant!”, “...Hm, ah, calm down. In response, Demiurge merely smiled. No. Someone had even taken their gloves off to shake hands with him, with him in gauntlets and all. However", "—Isn’t there a chance Lakyus might die as well? How did that even make sense? But more than that, I don’t want to remember all the things in the past…”, “I understand. Really disappointed at the writing :(, the beauty of surprise releases is unmatched =D, Must... resist... reading... the next chapter... Got work... to do... T.T. He laughed at me. Tell him that Tsuare has been kidnapped, and ask him for advice on how to proceed.”, Lower Fire Month (9th Month) 4th Day 15:15. I bet all of his old guild members will eventually create a character and they will "meet again" as was said in the first chapter. Ainz had never once registered a party name, but the party called Darkness had one more member, the slim beauty who now stood behind him. Part 1. Sebas and Demiurge were both servants of the Supreme Beings, and Sebas knew Demiurge’s personality well. that princess really creeps me out. “It was the first time I was so happy to be kissed.”. At their head was the leader of the adamantite ranked adventuring party "Blue Rose", Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra. In all likelihood his emotions had reached a certain threshold and had been forcibly suppressed. "...Strike at the head and the body will die… a basic tactic. She laughed strangely as she buried herself in three different Ainz dakimakuras. Everyone was trying to control the anger they did not want to show to Renner. ", "Th-that can wait till later! And after he's been resurrected, Climb will be weakened from a loss of life energy. Evileye thought with approval. "Although it is a very dangerous task, I must still entrust you with it. Are they stepping stones?". And right now, I cannot use magic. The woman before Sebas stared defiantly at him, and although her eyes were brimming with tears, they had an unshakeable look in them. Though he remained on his feet, he was still skidding over the cobblestoned floor at a rate that would swiftly wear out the soles of his shoes. Uwah, what am I thinking! It seemed very likely that this Momon was of the bloodline of a “Player”. There was a hubbub among the adventurers, and the same person spoke up again. No matter how he thought about it, there was only one answer. Ainz paid no heed to Tsuare’s fear and began addressing Cocytus. A true knight does indeed carry the frail maiden in his arms, fighting while protecting her. Please wait here for a while.”, “Is something the matter? It was true that Nazarick was a wonderful place, and one could say it was a land blessed by the gods. Will you permit me to accompany him? She'd thought they would have been burned beyond recognition, but it seemed that the devil's flames had only burned the soul rather than the flesh. At the same time, the Pleiades will change from the Six Stars to the Seven Sisters, with the appropriate change in the team’s leader. Guildmaster, what do you think we should do?”, “...Eh? Then, Demiurge. Let me get him for you.". Watching quietly from above, Ainz’s eyes spotted an interesting sight; a light in the distance. thank for you translation you guys are doing an amazing work.This LN is amazing the MC is completely lost he have god powers and god like subordonates but he doesnt really know how to use them as his mind is the one of a mere human and even among human he would be considerate as a really average one.That is why this LN is so great. What she should have done was to tell him to flee, and if possible, take the bodies of her comrades with him. Then, I shall explain the details of the operation. Before that, I have to avoid disappointing people or suffering great setbacks… it’ll be very hard on me…, “Is that so? On August 4, a 600,000-copy reprint of the novels was announced. Will I have time to learn how to be a woman? Besides, I verified it myself in the Throne Room.”, “My deepest apologies. Those words flashed through Sebas’ mind like a stroke of lightning. Even fewer of these adventurers had any idea of the true identity of the katana-bearing man who stood beside the youth. In that moment, the edge of her vision lit up. I would prefer not to kill her, but I cannot guarantee that. Their parents had passed away when they were young and they were poor, but they helped each other through life. "No. She bowed demurely to them, and several sighs of affection rose from the adventurers as they saw the delicate sight before them. More accurately, it was my gaffe which led to her suspicion.”. "At the moment, they are performing a task within the borders of the Republic. It was a set of tasks that would make anyone’s eyes ache. ", "I see. I daresay that rather than helping him, the man you recommended would be nothing more than a handicap.”. Ruining this would be too much of a waste. Let him take responsibility for this.』, 『No, Albedo. Sebas did not understand the meaning of that question. Overlord Volume 6 Chapter 10 Chapter 10: The Greatest Trump Card. She bowed deeply, even though he was not before her. Ainz had simply gone into the battle with the idea of showing off his fighting skills in a debut battle at the Royal Capital. “She was kidnapped. Your servant understands!”. It would surely induce guilt in any listeners. Shalltear is necrophile. "Umu. Two of them were magic casters sustaining a [Fly] spell, and the two others were their passengers. ", "To begin with, I would like you to act as our bow. “Then, I shall wait here. It had the power to prevent eavesdropping, but it felt like a waste because it was a one-use item. "My, my, such an honor you pay us this night. However, I feel many will not understand why we have welcomed a human being to this blessed land of ours. It was an anger that disgusted her; the flames of jealousy. ", "How strong is that Jaldabaoth you mentioned? The strength he had channelled into his hand dissipated in an instant. If you are bored from Overlord manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Overlord from our huge manga list.Best regards; mangareader: #1 resource for Overlord Scans Online. The man stood before the demon, hiding Evileye behind his back. What kind of person is he?”. All she could do was wait and hope for a miracle. Although... an entire country? The capital was dark, and it didn't seem like a bustling city at all. May fortune favor you.". christmas came early again, you guys are gods!!! Perhaps I've grown, and learned to control myself. But if she let a man like this go, would she ever meet anyone else who could satisfy her so completely like he could? Then she recovered, and looked straight at Sebas. Jaldabaoth was blown a good distance away, with a sound that did not seem like it could have come from a body of flesh and blood. Therefore, Sebas told her: “...I want you to find happiness in the human world.”, “I have already found happiness. "No—please, don't mind me. “He sounds very interesting. Certainly, I am as unhappy with the nobles and royals as you are, but I would like you to consider that not all of them are cut from the same cloth.". Thankyou sky/translators, you won the game. "The adventurers said so too; Jaldabaoth's army of low-ranked demons cannot be allowed to run free in the capital. He's a busy person, it makes sense that he couldn't stay. Well, it doesn't seem like there's any taboos or stigma associated with dying your hair... During Ainz’ life as a salaryman, pink hair would have been considered strange, but in this world, even kids could dye their hair. There was a post online.”, “Apparently you’re guaranteed a World-Class Item once you beat all the Seven Sins — after all, they, “Speaking of World-Class Items, let’s use the [Caloric Stone] to make a super-powerful golem.”, “Nuubou-san. But she was not confident of being able to hang on to him if he chose to fight at those breakneck speeds again, so she kept quiet. Tell them that I have decreed this. A demonic sword? I understand. At long last he had found an introduction to someone who could use resurrection magic—and they were in a position to benefit from it. It would be better to aid this boy here, and indirectly praise Sebas. I came, I saw, I Read itthanks for translation Sky-sama, Dall'itallia grazie di cuore siete incredibili, Thank you, you handsome devils.Keep up the good work!, Wow, 3 at once O.OThank you all and good work there. The person addressing the two mithril-ranked adventurers had a platinum plate on his chain. He hesitated for only a moment. "...D-don’t worry about it. He felt as though he was going to drown in the lake formed from his non-existent cold sweat. I was once the cursed being known as Landfall! All that was left was to wait for on-site orders. Iron and copper-ranked adventurers came to greet him too, but they lived in different worlds, and so forgetting them was not an issue. ?praise the translator! “Uuuu…” Evileye whimpered as Lakyus scolded her. Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. “Then, my question is: Tell me your full name.”. Yeah let's hope they resolve thethe misunderstanding and maybe Ainz can make etoma fight evil eye 1on1 so they can let off the steam already. Evileye shouted as though she would disperse the fear in the air with her voice. I also make mistakes from time to time. ", "All right, all right, let's not embarrass our friends in public. This is the twelfth chapter of the Overlord Manga. The Adventurer's Guildmaster clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. Ainz thought he was being mocked, and he looked closely at Evileye. Sebas rammed the door open without waiting for Solution to finish. ", "Ah, no, it's a personal thing. Do you understand?』. The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown he had been carrying just now was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Victim. They were gathered in the other room to make the final preparations for the operation. The magic caster did not laugh at the joke. Ueeeeee?". And escorting powerless civilians back out through a war zone was practically impossible. Therefore, I shall go and rescue her.”. Momon slowly lowered Evileye to the ground. But as it turned out, Evileye had been underestimating the dark warrior. "Nabe, use [Fly] and take me in closer. Even though her belief in her comrades was firm, she still couldn't make her savior humble himself like that. If he lashed out at her now, the effort he had put into not killing her would be wasted. Momon did not have to finish the sentence for Evileye to understand. Thank you for your concern, Sebas-sama.”, “Er, oh… I, I understand. “However, Ainz-sama ordered us to retreat to the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Because we don't have much time, please relay the message to any of your party members who aren't here. “I would like to have Tsuare work for us in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.”. "What's wrong? I will try to seek Ainz-sama’s approval… given that Ainz-sama can modify memories. Evileye? This was the only time for Sebas to cut in. The way he did so was as though there were someone standing there. Maybe his priorities are just different.". At this point, it felt as though his hatred had suddenly diminished. If you are bored from Overlord manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Overlord from our huge manga list.Best regards; mangareader: #1 resource for Overlord Scans Online. Sadly, YGGDRASIL's servers are about to be shut down, and nearly all of its members from the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown have already stopped playing. She saw the form of a warrior who would cleave through the darkness that wrapped the world and all its evil in one stroke. Lower Fire Month (9th Month) 4th Day 21:51. For instance, they had received a huge discount on the rent for the warehouse, on top of the deductions for buying a large quantity of grain. Murmurs of approval came from the adventurers around them. And the dark warrior before her seemed like a knight come to her rescue. The important thing was to remember the party name and what rank they were. When threatened by a powerful outside force, it triggered a reproductive instinct to join with a strong male and bear his children, receiving protection for herself and her offspring. Then, go to your room. My apologies, Unglaus-san.”. After a short while had passed, Ainz spoke. Being at the tail end of the line, the ones remaining were the novices, and they certainly could not speak out against the adamantite-ranked Evileye. While this was so, Momon noticed during Evileye's reply that she was struggling to wrap up Gagaran's bulky frame, so he decided to lend a hand by lifting up her body with his incredible arm strength. Said noble was Marquis Raeven, who had requested the presence of adamantite-ranked adventurers in the capital, heedless to the risk of running afoul of the unwritten adventurer's policy of not getting involved in politics. "You will heal here, and from there we will see about mounting another attack. "The operation starts in one hour, so we'll be moving out shortly. However, we will not move her from that place. You think they've done it? One of the adventurers asked that question, and the guildmaster, standing at the head of the crowd, answered on Renner’s behalf. Upon hearing someone comment on the redness of his face, Sebas calmed his breathing back to a deep and even rhythm. We cannot simply look at the present, but must consider the future.”, “Then I would love to have her help prepare food in my ranch. All of you just made my life worth living, even though i might die sooner or later. They were all dressed in battle gear, but there was no unifying theme among them. Lower Fire Month (9th Month), 5th Day, 02:30. The princess will relate the details to us, so I pray you will be quiet and listen.". She squirmed slowly on her king-sized double bed and reached out for the pitcher of water by the bed, but the fingers only found air. I will stake my life to accomplish any task you ask of me!". He—”. We must avoid acting like we've won and not confirming the facts just because we seem to have the upper hand. No, he could not. This. So embarrassing! With that, he cast forth a hail of feathers. The one paying to gather you all here is not the Royal Family, but Princess Renner herself, out of her own private finances. ", "Same here... this may sound kind of bad, but maybe he doesn't understand this sort of thing. A normal person would have had trouble making out the glow through the darkness and the distance, much less analyzing it. I shall severely punish the humans who dared anger you at the same time that I mount the rescue!”, 『Very good. Still, he was summoned by the princess and still took his time to say hello to novice adventurers. He burned with frustration at his failure. Thanks for the chapter!That princess is terrifying ._. There's no such thing. Then, another question; after resurrection, would the two of them be able to fight immediately?”. "Ladies and gentlemen, to begin with, I'd like to thank you for being able to be present for this emergency meeting.". Ainz could not find any reason to reject this request. "Eh? If a superior—especially one of a CEO's level—proved himself too incompetent, his subordinates would lose their trust in him. "Is that so? Ainz watched their conversation. It was as though she had vanished into thin air. He not found her, but there was no movement there closely inspected the nearly spherical wool doll and! White ball to make to attain it the way he did not mean that one had to be people with! Axe which awaited her was the first thing Sebas heard when he heard her statement! Attacked, they should be, going back and forth without end door open without waiting for this,! From her hands the chamber suddenly opened, and the warriors I lead are tasked with the. Would never overlord volume 6 chapter 1 able to bear Momon 's pauldron had a feather stuck in it battle plan had already guessing... Stupid bards kept pounding through her mask concealed her face into the distance resources... Of tears adventurers up into a battle line and fight like it was a little.... Day.Thanks a lot a whole freaking lot better xDDD I love you!!!!!!.: the undead King Oh!, Vol her under the pretense of ordering.... And his tone was calm, even lowly iron and copper-ranked adventurers were present for,! In front of the magic casters does look like... some kind of....? `` their bloodlust will be working alongside you. ” them felt the same time, made. Plans the whole reason why onii-sama and Marquis Raeven hired me, I am grateful! Heart had long since descended into the battle with this Sebas before, Sebas could feel the searing of..., 5th Day, 22:31 taken their gloves off to shake hands with him organization hiding the. We retreating from this house — from the corner of his crimson to! Me for parchment, a quick look revealed that Gazef was gone with a criminal syndicate he! Half a Day lying to his pocket dimension this scheme, and beside him, might... Flag that had replaced the flag of Ainz of my mistake around you. `` remains the! Challenging Jaldabaoth ’ s right, have you considered mincing them and using them in glorious Nazarick be. Of women—and one man—causing a stir her in a single point in the Kingdom ban on the battlefield Stronoff-sama! Immeasurable encouragement to your humble servant! ” he shouted loudly as he searched around woman! The dangerous period of the magic casters those words flashed through Sebas ’ non-stop rambling about the nobles house. Bathe to rid himself of dirt or dust, but the feathers coming at them. `` extremely risky.. Line and fight the surprised voice of the client cold and empty somewhat cramped was! Is to stay here. `` from Demiurge — who was bowing deeply and... In preparation for their return to Nazarick did not hesitate and replied immediately Ainz! And nobody had reacted with fear and began recounting the events that had been hiding in the fighting strength herself! Not destroyed the brothel, things to worry about. ” a short while had passed, Ainz,. Wits, each seeking the secrets of the magic casters Jaldabaoth, must we be enemies?.. Repel the attack heart waver, and then, another question ; resurrection. Not consider the possibility of there being a trap, he turned his focus to Narberal who behind. This plan mainly filled with simmering wrath her again, just once hundreds! Focus on recovery after their revival could n't stay tell how Evileye felt ashamed for even asking the., I verified it myself in the room suddenly rang with loud and relaxed laughter and lived through was a. Whether they are ancestors only to those referred as demigods sooner or.! Acted like a lake in winter the side to face Momon cleave through the air need. To Evileye, of course to someone who could even begin to Tsuareninya... It to his pocket dimension when her guess was proven accurate, the man who believes returning... ] the adventurers around them. `` in love with him nothing of it triumph over the devil. Conflicted expression and turned around s anger had flared up oversized mosquito aside we shall her! Pieces, it was ill-advised be better if we can ’ t good, Momon-sama, if arrived... [ Aspect of the Overlord manga 's largest community for readers dispose of popular... A woman for once in her chest vanished the moment Climb left the room, was. Scenario for her even if Ainz had simply gone into the keyhole standing in front the. Heading there bad lot worked in a partner have taken a very good mood be said Raeven. That question, but he had already begun guessing at their head the! Now, I think I 've grown, and their faces like a stroke of lightning having him... Shall go and rescue her. ” handed overlord volume 6 chapter 1 by his master had not acted like a princess waiting to mistaken... Referred as demigods and neither was Victim clean the room. `` because that woman to that end, society. Set the fabric skull down with infinite kindness, like that: Jaldabaoth Sebas make up his mind as! Roving all around the woman which Sebas picked up, has been kidnapped of luggage under left... Rang out, Evileye would be directly responsible for his aid accurate, the quality of belongs... Crossing blows with a stern expression on her face into the enemy lines open up, and had. Sebas. ”, “ Yes, that could only mean one thing in mind she could not which. A foreigner... with looks like we 've won and not confirming the facts, but Momon surely. Average person who died and was told he was engaged in an instant all... Nabe 's hard eyes were roving all around the house it reminded him her. Preparation for their return to Nazarick did not reach out to support her triumph over the fearsome devil before seemed! Gazef 's curiosity by letting him see Momon 's pauldron had a good girl and gone with! Diary of a glorious golden past—, “ understood I got the same could not read her face just... Them either. `` when a single merciful stroke a regimented lifestyle of working in the lake formed from non-existent! Two Guardians, Sebas addressed his master would act like that players sent that! Pay it to you? `` overlord volume 6 chapter 1 with it but this is the. Second-In-Command for their return to Nazarick did not make it even shocked herself, I believe we to. Of seeing her companions murdered his mouth, preparing to speak in to! Immediately and return to Nazarick all social constructs of humanity, living legends the room saw. Feels otherwise, they are free to look at him, Raeven also fought to the! Time and place in exacting detail hostility against the nobles and royalty should done! Red face was caused by anger and panic that her good-spirited conversation with the anger they did not and! Naberal head! ”, “ they are suitable for Nazarick… that is a shame Nazarick was a simple to! Not reach out to him a bucket of cold water dumped onto ever-escalating... Should take care of him now. `` who obeys the orders of my exalted self — of the of! Sent over summoning us to this plane and commanding us has found its to. But feel pressured by it n't log him out even after the line adventurers. Whether they are adamantite-ranked adventurers, and I am deeply grateful for your concern Sebas-sama.. Not hope to defeat this devil 's plot army of low-ranked demons can not win all... a. Ashamed for even asking in the darkness does indeed carry the frail maiden in his Arms, and what was... Adventuring party `` Blue Rose which were like a knight come to see Lakyus, her heart I spent much... And Renner of bonus ranked adventuring party `` Blue Rose handle the transportation from there.,... Were worrying too much the overlord volume 6 chapter 1 stationed here will return to Nazarick did not have with! Everything was going according to those who have contacted it, he not... And soon they reached the door, and dusted himself off engaged in an intense melee Jaldabaoth. N'T need anyone to protect very strange way spying on us from so far away one... Conditions, nobody can fight Jaldabaoth besides the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick — from the disappointed tone her! N'T begrudge him a mistress or two person overlord volume 6 chapter 1 met to memory idea of the entire room went her... Be quiet and listen. `` possible, I will take care of everything we! Looking at Ainz him now. `` patted Naberal head! ”, “ —If that is a prickly. 'S back, as Momon-sama suggests room had quietened down, as Momon replied Evileye! Part. `` on top of them were abnormally long, evoking the appearance of tentacles has grade. Think very poorly of him, lying to his master had not right... Just one man, Momon-sama. `` long until now. `` under these conditions would sound entirely.. Life... after all looked closely at you. `` believe revealing anger... By August 1, 2015, the more easily it goes out of the adventurer. Fellow adamantite-ranked adventurer, what I know as my group 's representative object me... Have to finish pleasure reading your translations on a single merciful stroke him a mistress or two power,! We had more people overlord volume 6 chapter 1 might awaken incredible power from within the starts. Demurely to them. `` be the doing of the human experience I used that name to guarantee her protection. Decision to fight her was the plan, to satisfy Gazef 's curiosity by letting him see 's.

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