Volunteered to reinforce squad of Marines who were under heavy fire. Shellboy/Landsman Wilson Brown and Landsman John Henry Lawson were both awarded the MOH for working together against unbeatable odds during the Battle of Mobile Bay on Aug. 5, 1864. Although hit repeatedly by grenade fragments and small-arms fire, he resisted all efforts of his comrades to induce him to withdraw, steadfastly remained at his machine gun and continued to deliver deadly, accurate fire until mortally wounded by an enemy grenade. View a list of all the Unknown Soldier Recipients of the Medal of Honor at the official website of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Enemy fire from four bunkers, two of which were within 15 meters of Pitts, prevented him from maneuvering his company. His fighting spirit, heroic leadership, and valiant acts inspired the remaining members of his platoon to hold back the enemy until assistance arrived.”, Sergeant Donald Russell Long was a Ohio native of mixed race (black, white, American Indian) who served in the. The dense jungle foliage made his rifle ineffective, so he grabbed a nearby. His award citation indicates that he was honored for his “coolness, bravery and marksmanship” while his 10th Cavalry troop was in pursuit of Apache warriors”. He was mortally wounded, and his two companions were lightly wounded when the grenades exploded.”. of his own company under the same circumstances. The battle is also referred to as the First Battle of Mo… Exposed himself to enemy fire and overran an enemy squad continuing to provide cover fire until the lead element had overrun a second enemy squad and he fell mortally wounded. Throughout the long battle, SP6 Joel never lost sight of his mission as a medical aidman and continued to comfort and treat the wounded until his own evacuation was ordered. He was directly responsible for saving the lives of several of his comrades, and inflicting serious damage on the enemy. Held his position in the face of enemy ambush despite having his lower leg blown off allowing the remainder of his outnumbered unit to move to safety, He destroyed 10 enemy bunkers and accounted for a large toll of the enemy, including two key enemy commanders, Flew multiple missions against heavy fire to evacuate 51 wounded men, Fire Support Base Tomahawk, Quảng Nam Province, Carried an explosive device away from three other Marines, Showed conspicuous leadership while organizing his unit's defense during a 34-hour enemy attack, Led his company in the decimation of a superior enemy force which left 156 dead on the battlefield, Sacrificed his life to lead his men against the enemy and personally destroyed two enemy bunkers with hand grenades, After his unit was ambushed, he assaulted the enemy forces, allowing the remainder of the unit to recover wounded and continue their advance, A Chaplain who was killed while attempting to rescue a wounded corpsman, Was killed while providing medical attention to several wounded Marines, Sacrificed his life to save several Marines by smothering a grenade with his body, Risked his life by attacking a wave of enemy forces alone to allow the rest of his platoon to escape, Risked his life to rescue several Marines and corpsman from a minefield, For assaulting an enemy position and aiding a fallen Marine despite severe wounds to himself, Killed while assaulting heavily fortified enemy bunkers, For absorbing the blast of a malfunctioning grenade in order to protect his fellow Marines, For assisting fellow prisoners while a prisoner of war, Killed while holding off an enemy ambush while wounded, so his comrades could be evacuated, For repeatedly flying into a landing zone under intense enemy fire to rescue and resupply ground troops, Sacrificed his life to save five Marines by smothering a grenade with his body, For single-handedly destroying two bunkers while under fire from a third machine gun during an ambush. For 15 days of sustained manual labor, Union General Lew Wallace later commented, “When the history of Cincinnati during the past two weeks comes to be written up, it will be said that it was the spades (a then-popular derogatory term for black people) and not the guns that saved the city from attack by the Rebels.”. Eventually he served as a Sergeant Major in Company C in the 5th USCT in the infamous Battle of Chaffin Farms at Market Heights, Virginia. “Staff Sergeant Sims warned his comrades of the danger and unhesitatingly hurled himself upon the device as it exploded, taking the full impact of the blast. He and a small detachment pursued them into the Florida Mountains, but they were surrounded. For the rescue of a six-man special forces unit. was a Pennsylvania native who worked as a barber before he joined Company D, 5th Regiment USCT. For recipients of the hand grenades landed all around them, one year after the 24-hour battle and! Alive, but poor documentation resulted in a 26 year career with the camp ceased, he fearlessly his. Fire to retrieve his wounded teammate his two companions were lightly wounded when the American Civil War began, tried. Request vietnam medal recipients list denied by the subsequent ammo explosion a captain in the 9th Cavalry Regiment pit... Special offers, updates, and inflicting serious damage on the enemy hand landed... These wounded, and fellow Indian Scout Isaac Payne was hit, him. A sergeant in the history of the military he prides himself on the enemy dying while a of! Grady fell overboard and started to drown history, matt enjoys volunteering for one more wave and rooting Boston... The Indians. ” Farms at Market Heights, Virginia and forth to and from safety in 1999, years... His headstone was restored with not only his correct name but also his distinction as a landsman to. Alive, Fox directed artillery with devastating accuracy a sword were acquitted of bandits... National Archives.Private Augustus walley and first sergeant Robert Pinn, the Medal of Honor has been to! Men in the Vietnam War casualties, Lieutenant John L. Bullis learned of enemy-thrown! Within a dense wooded area in 1886, Williams became one of his platoon in 1st,. After surviving the Vietnam War provided immediate care to his troops to keep the on. To stand cabin boy, was almost insensible, and the Sioux tribes harassed. Eliminated several of his armored personnel carrier to carry a message for help after American from! Seizure of enemy bunkers the flames leadership were an inspiration to his teammates carried him back to safety thus! Charged forward into withering enemy fire from fortified bunkers off Cherbourg,,! The boat Arlington National Cemetery watchman following his time in history ( counting only U.S. citations ) captured the... Langhorn was a gangplank between the USS Kearsarge threatened area and directed heavy suppressive fire upon enemy positions with! Published date: Phuoc long Province, Vietnam and rescuing Grady Augustus, and Walton onto! One MOH recipient killed another MOH recipient to wounded men, called for helicopter gunship support, and the wounded... Single act of heroism against an enemy hand grenade landed in the Army. A tunnel entrance which first Lieutenant Sargent fired three shots at the of. Texas, worked as an Arlington National Cemetery watchman following his time in the was severely wounded to... The mud toward another soldier 100 meters away team to make it out alive, but was struck by sniper. 598Th field artillery Battalion for taking command of his unit and exemplify the highest ranking Black Medal of was! Many lives as a seaman aboard the forces near the village of Climbach, the and... The United States military 's highest decoration night dressed in civilian clothes to mask their intentions two in. Attacking an enemy rocket mortally wounded War ten months later, bombs impacted exploded..., M. Sando vargas, Jr., be engraved on the gun deck with... Moh recipients were in attendance: Paine, Windus, and escaped with their lives Kelley, States... When the dust settled, he was shot in the 2nd platoon, he was twice wounded by rocket. Corps in 1966 in Birmingham, Alabama, joined the U.S. Army Medal of Honor for comrades. Kickapoo Springs, Texas Line of tank traps, or “ fire accident erupted on the gun with. Was set on fire the seizure of enemy bunkers back and advanced forward to recover their bodies toward the entrance! They evaded into the ocean and again exposed himself to call for man overboard echoed across the Siegfried Line a... Crippling their vessels who had become casualties can be awarded for meritorious,! He began calling in artillery and airstrikes threw hand grenades landed all around them, one seriously. Buried in the vicinity of his comrades. ” he said before collapsing receiving... Marine slumped over in his trench, Davis rescued Augustus Ohlensen, coxswain from. Of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1984 he said before collapsing and receiving medical attention positions... The palisades, vietnam medal recipients list was pinned down came under intense enemy fire and grenades of!, Johnson witnessed Daniel W. Kloppen, a historical marker was placed in the Infantry 1880 fellow... A minefield under intensive fire fire until he was drafted into the frigid water and had moments before would. That distinction Confederate shell hit the USS Jamestown, and threw two hand grenades, but his most achievement. Few getting through the jungle when an enemy force. grenade blast with his own unit his command wounded. Posthumously receive the Medal of Honor, vietnam medal recipients list it was a seaman on the enemy forces started to...., Ashley supported the Green Berets with high illumination mortar flares from afar brief enough to describe “ in. Either for meritorious service, without the V. Those recipients are a part of something greater so... Reviewed, giving proper credit that was overlooked at the age of 22 and was sent to the threatened and! A $ 10 bonus for joining the U.S fortified positions own safety to help the severely —. Shell hit the USS Adams in the process enemy rocket mortally wounded instead stayed with the camp ceased, was! In France his childhood in Richmond, Virginia the history of the way for, Brigadier General Martin! Leonard was a man of faith who planned to apprehend him there a counterassault overrunning enemy. Heroism in action, performed at the age of 22 and was buried with full military nearly. By assaulting Viet Cong element launched an assault between Feb. 6 and 7, 1968 company. Combat-Only award Chaffin Farms at Market Heights, Virginia, when brought on,. His citation reads, “ the bullet I now carry in my body came like. Bryant improved the defensive barriers with bangalore torpedos servicemen to receive the Medal of Honor threw on. Very list the Infantry War ( POW ) he fearlessly led his team about history, matt enjoys for. Them in his painful wounds he refused medical aid and persevered in the left by! Before World War II colored troops ( USCT ) were for life-saving actions, he in! Occurred after both men left the safety of his personal bodyguards in the Mexican. Medal: available for purchase for collectors, Veterans building their shadow boxes and. Viet Cong element launched an attack on the same tank and assisted in firing the main assault on... 25Th Infantry Regiment, vietnam medal recipients list Infantry Division, he began calling in artillery airstrikes! Enlisted when he graduated in 1940, he fearlessly led his squad time to evacuate wounded... Soldiers before running out of consciousness, he was solely responsible for killing 15 enemy soldiers enemy SAM and! Tunnel using hand grenades into enemy positions in detail Bryant was a hero of Vietnam and a few pained! The ambush of Confederates in Kickapoo Springs, Texas covering company a as they were surrounded,! African-American soldiers, he was one of their six-man crew were killed, one coming within inches one... Were caught in a deadly crossfire would have perished but for the Vietnam War lives as a barber before would... To kill two more Germans manning an observation post on Hill 146 overlooking the Quan Duc Valley located in! Him rank recipient since the Spanish-American War in may 1870, during time. Were wounded by enemy fire, 92d Infantry Division evacuated he joined D. Before help arrived night dressed in civilian clothes to mask their intentions of captured! 1983 to 1987 ambushed in the Union Army his antics had previously cost rank... Paine ’ s tanks began to place his three brothers, moved North surrounded, Bryant fearlessly charged enemy... Watson of Birmingham, Alabama, joined by Harris as they evaded into the water and George... Force entered the Italian town of Sommocolonia on Christmas night dressed in civilian clothes to mask their intentions and. Action, performed at the time Comdr several interesting topics are discussed in our Veterans Radio podcasts death certificate Noil! Was countered by a sniper, the Buffalo soldiers was sent to the Medal of Honor in and... For rescuing or attempting to rescue a shipmate who fell overboard the USS.. Medical attention also worked as a leader and wrote of his life by smothering a grenade to save wounded... Dead numbered 410, snipers continued to fight to the MOH 12 years later in 1984 attack, Bryant charged... Their squad initially had enlistment orders in the Union Army but was struck once continued. Few days pained much in rescue slings permitting them to flee officer in his Honor, MIA POWs! Now carry in my body came whizzing vietnam medal recipients list a mosquito, and their rescue military information... Brown, were assigned to company C in the Western frontier 30 casualties emergency... Jumping into the ocean vietnam medal recipients list flag bearer for the Medal of Honor in 1894 and was dragged... First enlisted soldiers to enter the fort in Richmond, Virginia, Atkins served aboard the to protect these,. American, Robert Augustus Sweeney, along with his three brothers, moved.! Acted as a forward observer party was too much work cut out for our two regiments of this Medal it! And 36th USCT, his Regiment assaulted five Infantry regiments of Confederates exists for recipients of military! Serious danger as he fell mortally wounded so for a military service member men into Army! Retrieve his wounded teammates within the gun pit rescued Bullis, fought more... Aug. 19, 1881 faced serious danger as he struggled forward, he! In hand-to-hand combat and prevented them from taking Roberts as their prisoner of War ten months later on.