However, each have their own hiring requirements and hiring demand fluctuates. The CELTA will make you untouchable. Why certain things are said in certain situations. The teaching jobs in Thailand offer competitive monthly salaries that allow teachers to see and experience the multitude of sites that constitute Thailand’s beauty. One major problem is that these reinforcements of what a teacher should look like doesn’t help. Although this is enough to qualify you for a work-permit. Just google, "English teaching jobs in Thailand with no degree" you'll have thousands of hits. There is already a proven method to this that has been replicated over and over again. Coming to Thailand first then looking for work has its advantages, but it’s a bit of a risky game if you have no experience or certifications( i.e. Employers want to know that you can effectively teach English and have experience creating and implementing lesson plans. Media plays their role in this and unfortunately plays a role in how others value you. 19. Now for government schools it really depends. He thought this would help broaden the students perspective on western life. Most of the answers were honest and encouraging, recommending that it would be best to get a teaching degree before coming to Thailand. To be fair, hiring isn’t so cut and dry as some employers don’t want to waste your time either. TravelBud has made teaching English in Thailand without a degree possible. What happens is after you post on topics you start to get referred to other questions that people ask. Being a native English speaker doesn’t guarantee you know how to teach English. PalFish. Teaching in Thailand without a degree isn't impossible, but can be somewhat restricting. They pay entry-level salaries and opportunity from growth is minimal. High turnover-rates of teachers comings and going is common. And here’s how to do it: There are a lot of aspects that go into teaching a class. The amount of ESL and TEFL jobs in Thailand is almost infinite and if you hold a degree, positions are virtually guaranteed. Personally, I’ve been invited to peoples homes to teach private lessons. Even though half of these schools put on a front. The only time it isn’t required is if you can prove 2 years of full time work experience. Degree. All No Degree English Teacher jobs in Thailand on, the search engine for jobs in Thailand. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But what does it matter if the client doesn’t complain? No degree, no problem 19th August 2012 I would like to share my experience as I feel it needs to be shared. It’s one of the few countries in Europe that accepts TEFL teachers without degrees. Degrees below the bachelor’s level do not qualify for the visa or work permit required for teaching in Thailand. NES English Teacher, Private School in BKK Location: nearby Mrt Phetchaburi Salary: 40,000 THB Working Time: 07:30-4:30 pm Not more than 24periods per week Mattayom 3-6 1…, NES Teacher to teach English, School in Khon Khen Province Thai Curriculum Mattayom 4-6 level 35 students/class Not more than 18 teaching hours per week Not more than 45 yrs o…, 2 NES English & Math Teacher School in Bangmot, Bangkhuntien BKK Private School Secondary Level Thai Curriculum Location: Bangmot, Bangkhuntien BKK Age not more than 45 yrs. Usually it’s someone who has lived here for a while,  partially retired or married to Thai citizen. I’ve met people who did not possess a university degree and had full-time jobs with work-permits. Would a school pass on a black teacher with a masters in education over an unqualified white teacher who models part-time? o…, 2 NES Private School in Nakhonsrithammarat English Program Location: Nakhonsrithammarat Province Student level: Mattayom level NES - 35000 to teach any English + 5000 for the O…, 2 NES or Non Nes European Teachers, Private School in Phichit Province Thai Curriculum Location: Phichit Province Student level: Primary 1-4 Working Time: 07:30-16:30pm Not mo…, 2 NES or Non NES European English Teacher, Government School in Nan Province MEP Program -K2-P2 able to teach Math, Science & Health Location: Nan Province Salary: 33000-35000 T…, NES or Non NES European Teacher, School in Romklao Private School Location: Romklao Latkrabang Salary: 35000-42000 THB Subject to teach:Able to teach both English & Computer S…, Native English Teacher or Non Native European ESL Teachers, NES English Teacher, Private School nearby MRT Phetchaburi, 2 NES English & Math Teacher, School in Bangmot Bangkhuntien, NES Teacher to teach English, School in Khon Khen Province, NES Computer Teacher & English, School in Romklao. Link to post Share on other sites. Sometimes the agency gets away with sending them unqualified teachers.) I have never been outside of the U.S. no outside the state I live in. Read our Lingo … The short answer is yes, you can teach in Thailand without a degree. 5 Types of Foreigners You’ll Meet In Thailand, Shopify: How My Store Made Over $430,000 in 15 Months Drop Shipping, TEFL Institute of Ireland 120 Hour Course Review, Some Reasons Why Thailand Loves White Skin (pt.1). Find and apply for your dream job today. Get TEFL qualified. Lingo Live. This South East Asian country is best-known for the spectacular Angkor Wat temple complex. TEFL Org graduate, Daniel Gillard, who completed our 140-hour TEFL course, fell in love with the country on a trip through Southeast Asia in 2015.The next year he was TEFL qualified and on a plane back! The debate over whether or not you need a degree to teach English in Thailand rages on. For the ambitious these positions are (with a degree) seen as a stepping stone when lack of experience is present. ... (F Visa) for teachers without a degree, and having them teach at their schools. Now I know Asia has a notorious reputation for having positive associations with white skin. Getting a job in Bangkok without a degree will be very, very difficult, as teachers are in no short supply there. The idea is that you fake it until you make it. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and a TEFL certificate with a minimum of 120 hours, good news You’re eligible to teach English in Thailand. I’m just aware most won’t be advertising that they will hire anyone not having a college degree. Teaching English in Thailand is in high demand. Without this, you would be teaching illegally on a tourist or another type of visa, such as a retirement or marriage visa. Stay in your own lane, build your network and don’t compare your success to others. I would say it’s zero to impossible for non-whites. (You may also be able to get away with being unqualified if you go through an agency. The degree is needed for visa purposes so if you want to try and find a TEFL job in Thailand without a degree, it’s possible but it would be illegitimate unless it’s … Although the government has cracked down on issuing work permits to those without a degree, there is such a massive shortage of English teachers in the country that most schools will be happy to hire you as long as you have a recognised TEFL qualification.. Apart from the shortage of teachers in Thailand … TEFL, ESL and TESOL Jobs in Thailand (3) Email Alerts. Nevertheless, every once in a while you’ll run into a teacher who is working part-time or full-time without a degree/TEFL. You don’t want people constantly questioning your service and/or complaining. No one really questions the qualifications of white teachers. I currently work at a top international school in Bangkok and make 60k amonth with a housing allowance thrown in. You won’t anyway if you’re truly focused. All of the companies listed below will allow you to teach English online with no degree. I do not have a college degree and I have moved gracefully from one great job to the next great job. You will never be able to qualify for a work-permit without a degree. After a year and a half teaching English in Cambodia, Daniel returned to the UK at the start of this year only to … Set up alert, ©  2020 Careerjet The other day I saw a question about teaching English without a degree For example, the vast majority of reputable schools will require all English teachers to have a degree qualification … It really helped me out a lot! Or am I speaking too soon? So now you have a better idea of where you can TEFL without a degree, here are our top 5 tips to help you land a great job!. Fair enough right? This is why I praise the power of a referral. You can’t help but applaud a noble effort like that. 3 online English teaching jobs—no degree … While you can definitely get online English teaching jobs with no degree, you might not get paid as much as you would if you had one, and some employers may want to see more experience in place of a degree (sounds like a great excuse to volunteer to teach abroad!). Open English prefer candidates with a North American accent. Questions? This means visa runs every 90 days…, Your email address will not be published.