A neighbour, Lady Jean Pole (then Jean E Stone), was a member of the Women’s Royal Australian Navy (WRAN) in 1945 and was posted to HMAS Leeuwin Depot. HMS Exeter Crew members. Please select icon for expanded information . Died Sir Ninian Comper. On 25 August 1939 she sailed from Devonport. HMS Exeter's first engagement in World War 2 on 13 December 1939 was off the coast of South America in an encounter with a German ship - the Graf Spee. HMS Maidstone. She also recalls issuing them with new clothing and other necessities, such as, tooth brushes and soap. HMS Exeter arrived at Freetown on 1 September 1939. There are many great shots of the ship plus 6 great images of its 2 Walrus seaplanes, images of the ship going through the Panama Canal and crew members helping out at an earthquake at Concepcion , Chile in 1939. "Christ walking on the water" in memory of the officers and men of HMS Exeter lost in the Java Sea, 1942. HMS Exeter A Cathedral class light cruiser of 8390 tons It was February 1941 when as a young stoker I joined 'HMS Exeter' then famous for her role in the Battle of the River Plate. In late August 1939 HMS Exeter was at Devonport with her crew on foreign leave when she was recalled to South American waters. From Exeter Cathedral web site. With the help of the Commonwealth War Graves . HMS Exeter (68) crew killed in surface action February 27, 1942 and surface action and sinking March 1, 1942 Action Report: Captain O. L. Gordon HMS Exeter Battle of the Java Sea by Captain O. L. Gordon Oct 1, 1945 [PDF] War Illustrated 1946 "Lt Cmdr George Cooper account of HMS Exeter’s last action" Makassar POW Camp Celebes (Sulawesi) The wrecks of DE RUYTER and JAVA have seemingly gone also while piece is also missing of KORTENAER. HMS Exeter Crew . The album contains 108 black and white photographs from World War II, many highly significant, showing sea battles (live fire), survivors, wounded and the dead being buried at sea. HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles were both damaged and suffered casualties, HMS Ajax 7 dead and wounded and HMS Achilles 4 dead. The wrecks of EXETER and the destroyer ENCOUNTER have been almost totally removed. We did our working up trials near the Denmark Straits while keeping an eye open for the 'Bismark' . These lists can be viewed at www.hmsexeter.comwww.hmsexeter.com She remembers the arrival of the survivors of the HMS Exeter. The album was compiled by C J Embleton who served on HMS Exeter from 1936-39. 2 HMS Exeter sailed from Surabaja during the evening of 28 February 1942, in company with HMS Encounter and USS Pope, Exeter had recently been damaged in action, and with only two boilers in operation was capable of 16 knots, but while on passage during the night, steam was raised in two more boilers, allowing her to work up to 23 knots. Photograph - HMS Exeter, Colombo, World War II, Jan 1942, Black and white photograph from a photography album by David Ralph Goodwin, RAN. St Andrew's Chapel. Gary - I am trying to find information on the sinking of the Exeter on May 1st '42 at Sunda strait,and the following internment of the survivors,on the Celebes island. Devon-based HMS Exeter, which was built in Plymouth the 1920s, was sunk in the Java Sea off Indonesia by Japanese forces on March 1, 1942, after … After lengthy repairs and after Japan had entered the War in 1941, HMS Exeter found herself taking part in a very one-sided action now known as the Second Battle of the Java Sea. Thus HMS EXETER, with her battle honours of River Plate 1939, Malaya 1942 and Sunda Strait 1942, is now only a memory with no final resting place. The subsequent battle saw the cruiser HMS Exeter badly damaged with all her guns put out of action but still seaworthy, she suffered 61 killed and 23 wounded and was forced to make for the Falkland Islands to carry out repairs.