About GlobeX Capital Partners

GlobeX Capital Partners is an offshore company co-founded by Ms Becky Wong and Dr Xiao Yanming, both are Responsible Officers of Cornucopiae Asset Management Ltd., a licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong since 2013.   GlobeX undertakes the roles as investment or fund manager for segregated portfolios of selected HNWI clients they both built over decades of career in private banks and investment firms.  The principals had known each other for 15 years and were colleagues in Citigroup Private Bank, HSBC Private Bank and DBS Private Bank.   GlobeX undertakes mandates to be advisors and/or fund managers for some of their trusting clients who often require international and sophisticated investment services.  GlobeX also works closely with top tier professional counterparts to provide holistic solutions to their clients in regard to their offshore portfolio management, tax advisory, children education, family migration, corporate governance and trust planning.  Most clients have wealth over USD 200 million and they are interested in seeking co-investing opportunities with other family offices or private equity fund managers.  Besides managing some discretionary portfolios in fund of funds and alternative assets, the firm also focuses on deal sourcing and fund raising in a wide range of industries for their clients.  Major focus is in commercial real estate, financial services, new technology in (AI, blockchain, digital assets), alternative energy, life sciences, education, entertainment and retailing industries. 

Both Dr Xiao and Ms Wong have received tertiary education with Ivy Leaque universities.  Dr Xiao obtained MBA and PhD degrees from Harvard University after attaining Master of Law Degree and International Politics in Beijing. She is the first batch of Chinese receiving scholarship to study in Harvard University followed by a few years of tutorial teaching profession.  She spent over 15 years in Boston, California and Hawaii in the 1990’s before returning to HK to join the financial services industry till now.  She was also former President of Harvard Club of Hong Kong.

Ms Wong received her Business Degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and was directly recruited from campus as management trainee, hence worked for over 3 decades in top tier financial institutions based in HK, Taiwan and China. She has obtained EMBA degree from the Tsing Hua University in Beijing.  They both are fully bilingual and have tremendous experience in many industry sectors with cross border business activities in 2-ways flow between Asia Pacific and the developed western markets in US and Europe.